Management Oracles

Management Oracles are local companies that:
  • Find individuals or companies who rent the property.
  • Collect rent payments and transfer them to the renting smart contract.
  • Pay taxes.
  • Maintain tokenized property and solve potential issues.
  • Implements Property DAO decisions and uploads reports.
As a reward for their job, Management Oracles take part of the rental income.
It is up to the Property DAO to pick a Management Oracle from the available list. Different Management Oracles may have different ratings, quality of service, commissions, customer base, etc. The Property DAO can change its Management Oracle at any moment via voting.
We care about our users (and investors) and therefore try to provide the most honest and transparent way for Management Oracles to interact with the corresponding Property DAO and the Binaryx platform. The oracle is required to provide all necessary information, upload periodic reports, and be in constant contact with members of the DAO and the platform.