Binaryx Platform

Binaryx is a marketplace of tokenized real estate that bridges the real estate market and the rapidly developing world of DeFi projects. Binaryx:

  • Provides property owners with a system of oracles that allows them to tokenize and retail their property.

  • Allows users to invest in tokenized real estate, obtaining fractional ownership.

This is the official Binaryx Platform documentation. Find a short introduction to our project and step-by-step instruction for investing on Binaryx in our Beginner's Guide. It's available in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Goals and influence

Binaryx's primary goal is to create mechanisms and rules for tokenization and subsequent management of real-world assets.

We believe that being well-designed, such mechanisms will significantly optimize many of the economic processes:

  • Assets owners will be able to sell their assets instantly without intermediary services of lawyers, auditors and notaries, making the market much more liquid.

  • Investors will be able to buy fractional ownership of assets, allowing them to invest any amount into any asset. This will make the market much more accessible, overcoming the primary barrier to entry in real estate investment- access to sufficient capital.

  • Once tokenized, real-world assets can be further used in the emerging world of DeFi projects, making the market more efficient.

We think asset tokenization will make the market much more accessible, liquid, and efficient.

Binaryx overview

The main components of Binaryx are:

  • Property tokens or bAsset tokens, the tokens that represent ownership of a real-world asset and give their owners passive rewards from rent and price growth.

  • A system of oracles: Audit Oracles, Management Oracles and Legal Oracles. They take care of tokenization and subsequent management and renting process.

  • Marketplace, a platform where users can buy and sell property tokens.

  • BNRX, a governance and utility token of Binaryx Platform, whose owners also earn platform's fees.

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